September 11, 2017

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What is Mobile Customer VIP & Geo-Mobile Sales?

This is a leap innovation that’s proven to help dealerships sell and service more cars. Mobile Customer VIP & Geo-Mobile Sales is a unique solution by Mobile Einstein that enables dealerships to outpace the competition by increasing customer acquisition and service retention via geo-targeted and personalized mobile engagement directly through your customers and prospects’ smartphones.

Drive more shoppers on lot


Convert more shoppers to customers


Increase monthly service appointments


Improve customer & service retention


Increase customer referrals


Win more competitive deals with Geo-Mobile Sales.  Mobile Einstein empowers dealers to be more competitive by better connecting with customers and active buyers directly through their mobile devices – in the moment when the buyer is ready to make a purchasing decision. When shoppers visit your competitors, they’ll trigger a geo-fence and receive your captivating branded message to their smartphone with a compelling call-to-action. Mobile Einstein takes geo-fencing one step further with geo-mobile sales. Your Dealer Dashboard Portal will alert your sales team when prospects are visiting your competitors’ lot and prompt them with a timely follow up. With this critical insight, you’re able to connect with shoppers at the right time, send a personalized message, and follow up with them in a timely manner to convert them to customers.

Strengthen service retention with Mobile Customer VIP. As a successful dealer, you understand the lifetime value of your customer. You know it’s more than just a car sale. Driving repeat visits into your dealership and cross-selling services to customers throughout the lifetime of their vehicle is key to your growth. Leveraging your customer’s smartphone, dealerships use Mobile Customer VIP to send captivating sales, service and parts promotions, special coupons, service reminders, and offer compelling loyalty rewards that ultimately drive repeat visits and strengthen retention with each and every customer — ensuring that they will continue to buy from you, and not your competitors.

The Mobile Customer VIP & Geo-Mobile Sales Solution. While mobile websites provide an excellent source of dealer information to customers and shoppers, dealers lose the one-to-one connection when users leave the website. With Mobile Customer VIP & Geo-Mobile Sales, Mobile Einstein empowers dealers to instantly connect with each and every mobile customer & shopper, boost traffic into your dealership, drive more sales & service revenue, foster meaningful long term relationships, and grow your business through loyalty and referrals.

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