September 11, 2017

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What is Mobile Customer VIP & Geo-Mobile Sales?

This is a leap innovation that’s proven to help dealerships sell and service more cars. Mobile Customer VIP & Geo-Mobile Sales solution by Mobile Einstein enables dealerships to outpace the competition by increasing customer acquisition, increasing service appointments and driving customer retention throughout the vehicle ownership life cycle. This is smart customer engagement by Mobile Einstein.

Drive more shoppers on lot


Convert more shoppers to customers


Increase monthly service appointments


Improve customer & service retention


Increase customer referrals


Formula to Success

by Mobile Einstein


Step 1: Drive More Buyers on Your Lot

Alert the sales and service staff when prospects are visiting a competitors’ lot, and prompt them to initiate a timely and personalized follow up based on detailed analytics on the name of the buyer, the dealership they’re visiting, and time of day. Timely digital outreach and follow ups drives more shoppers on your lot and increases the likelihood of a sale.

Step 2: Convert More Buyers to Customers

Connect with customers and active buyers directly through their mobile devices – in the moment when the buyer is ready to make a purchasing decision. Keeping a potential buyer engaged at each stage of the purchase process is critical to winning the sale.

Step 3: Increase Monthly Service Appointments

Send captivating service specials, parts promotions, and loyalty rewards that ultimately drive repeat service visits and strengthen retention with each and every customer. Timely digital follow-ups conducted throughout the customer’s vehicle ownership life cycle help dealerships to increase service appointments.

Step 4: Improve Customer & Service Retention

Target customers with regular and automated mobile notifications regarding service and maintenance schedule. Personalized mobile engagement empowers fixed operations to directly connect with customers in real-time, increase service appointments and nurture long-term relationships.

Step 5: Increase Customer Referrals

Now that you have won more customers and secured their loyalty, digital word-of-mouth is the best marketing strategy to growing your business. Customers are incentivized to share a referral promotion through any digital channel, including social networks such as Facebook; peer-to-peer platforms such as Skype, Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp; as well as, traditional communication channels such as texting and email.

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